Why is the message suddenly not getting through?

Our wonderful claims team are the most patient and understanding of souls...usually. Their collective patience knows no bounds...usually. However, there appears to be an epidemic of late reporting of claims at the moment for seemingly no apparent rhyme or reason?

We seem to be receiving an ever increasing number of late reported claims.  Some are just where the client hasn’t got around to it or is sited as being too busy etc etc. More worryingly, the majority are where clients are trying to sort things out themselves before telling us and either getting in a complete tangle or find that the amounts being claimed by third parties are much more than they thought.

Whatever the reason, to say all insurers are getting really twitchy with late reporting is an understatement. On every claim that is late reported we have to explain it and try to plead mitigation for the client.  Sometimes that is not very easy.

When things are late reported we do make a point of reminding clients that they must get things to us immediately, even if it’s only initially for information.  We suspect it’s a case them thinking they helping to keep their premiums down by trying to deal with small claims themselves.  

However, there is rarely a small claim these days. As we all know even a little bump on modern vehicles can amount to a £2,000 repair without blinking. There still appears to be a mindset to think we’re back in the 80’s and 90’s where you could get a bumper touched up for a £100!

Once you take the repair into account and then start adding credit hires for instance when the third party decides they should go through their own insurer we have a £5,000 claim as easy as that.  

As good as we like to purport to be in using our skill and influence with insurers, it really is only a matter of time before one the insurers holds a client responsible for their outlay because their conditions have been breached and position prejudiced. That is a call we don't want to have to make.

Whilst we might be able to talk around and cajole some of the insurers, some others are distinctly less helpful or accommodating under these circumstances. 

Worryingly this 'late reporting' trend is not just restricted to motor claims.  On liability claims and property claims, the 'I will handle it' or 'I will get around to it' attitude appears rife at the moment. Make no mistake if insurers end up paying out, as with some liability claims, they will be coming back to you to reimburse them if you have not complied with the reporting conditions.

It's a shocking reality to end up stuck with the costs, when just  a simple 5 minute phone call, reporting a claim or a possible claim when it occurred, would have meant your insurance would have protected you as it was supposed to.






Sheffield businesses have raised over £100,000’s at annual golf days for Neurocare

Businesses across Sheffield came together last month at Hallamshire Golf Club and battled it out on the 18-hole course.

The annual event which has been supported by IFM Insurance over the past 4 years has raised a grand total of £103,915 and £27,350.69 from last month’s Golf Day alone.

The Golf Day attracted over 45 teams drawn from local South Yorkshire businesses who competed throughout the day.

The money raised was donated to Neurocare which supports the neurological centre of excellence at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which treats patients with a range of neurological conditions.

Beth Porter, Neurocare Fundraiser said: “It’s fantastic to know that all of our hard work has paid off, and being able to say we’ve raised over £100,000 with IFM as our sponsors is incredible.
“That amount of money is going to make a tremendous difference to so many people who access our support.
“The work Neurocare supports is vital, and the funds raised with the help of companies like IFM cover the costs of vital research, and help to improve the quality of care and treatment that local patients receive.
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank IFM who have been amazing to work with. Finding such incredible sponsors is hard for any charity, but finding a business that is both so helpful and involved in organising this event has been an added bonus. We’re so excited to continue our partnership with IFM and see what else we can achieve together!”

Mark Barlow, Managing Director of IFM Insurance said: “It was great that so many local businesses took time out to help raise this fantastic sum for such a great cause.

“We had some fun along the way but most importantly, Neurocare was the real winner on the day.”

If your business is interested in supporting Neurocare you can get in touch via email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 0114 22 66486

Neurocare –

The Neurocare charity works to improve the lives of people affected by brain injury and disease.

Neurocare supports the neurological centre of excellence at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which treats patients with a range of neurological conditions including brain tumours, head injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, cancer of the nervous system and stroke.
The charity works with neurosurgeons, scientists, nursing staff, patients and their families by funding state-of-the-art equipment, world class research, training, support and ward facilities.
For more information about this press release or Neurocare, please contact;

Sarah-Louise Kelsey
PR Officer
0114 3052942 / 0781 5515594

or Beth Porter, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

as all kinds of theft claims reach epidemic proportions


Property and Motor insurers are currently paying out millions of pounds per day, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The pay-outs, the highest since records began in 2013, include unprecedented pay-outs for every type of theft, be they for commercial policies, personal insurances, house contents and of course thefts of motor vehicles.

With a rise in both the number of claims and cost of claims we are seeing record figures in every class for insurance. Motor Traders are certainly being targeted by criminals and the disruption to businesses is colossal. Cars are being stolen, tools and equipment thieved and the damage caused by a break in is enormous. Across all classes we haven't seen anything to compare with this number of theft claims since the bad old days of the 1980's, when theft claims reached epidemic proportions

It’s been an unprecedented year for the industry, and the ABI’s figures shed further light on why pay-outs have increased to such levels. Theft claims have risen by a startling 32% this year and sit at £271 million and rising.

Sadly these figures and trends come as no surprise to those of us on the front line. Our claims team have rarely seen such a disturbing and sustained period of theft claims. Cars, Vans and Motor Cycles are also apparently flavour of the month amongst gangs who appear very focused and target specific. Despite the sophistication of modern day alarms and security devices the criminals have and continue to find ways around these hurdles. 

Household claims are also showing the same trend. Gangs are being more brazen in trying their luck, even in broad daylight even when they know someone is in the house. It really beggars belief, the complete 'devil may care attitude' of this current crop of hoodlums

Thieves are breaking in and stealing vehicle keys and driving away the family car, motorcycle or the works van. Still too many people don't take keys with them to the bedroom at night. Left on hall and kitchen tables it's a convenient, rich picking ground for the unscrupulous. House and car alarms are still a deterrent but its amazing how often people forget to use them as they were intended.

As Police forces across the country struggle to cope with reduced numbers of 'Bobbies on the Beat', almost 20,000 less than in 2010, it is essential we all step up, be more careful, lock doors and windows, set alarms and be more observant. Only by us all doing our bit, can we hope to try to dissuade those of a less community minded spirit, that the risk of being caught and prosecuted still outweighs the possible rewards.




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