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Protecting you and your business since 1975.

Are you or someone you know struggling with flood insurance?

We have a fantastic partnership with FloodFlash to provide their rapid-payout flood insurance product. We are able to offer this flood insurance product to businesses and landlords in South Yorkshire and across the UK.

Since the floods of 2007, businesses in certain locations have struggled to find affordable flood cover. FloodFlash offer quotes to commercial properties, even if they have flooded before.

FloodFlash removes the costs, time and uncertainty associated with traditional flood insurance and works in three simple steps:

  • Select – choose up to three trigger depths and payout values for your cover
  • Install – FloodFlash engineer installs a mobile-connected sensor
  • Claim – when a flood reaches the agreed depth, FloodFlash send the payout

Their rapid-payout system means that you receive the full payout within 7-days of the flood. You do not need to tell us how you choose to spend the compensation.
FloodFlash is great for:

  • topping up existing flood cover
  • filling in an excess
  • getting cover where flood is excluded

Talk to us on 0114 268 4606 and find out if FloodFlash is right for your business or commercial property.