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AVIVA Insurance provides policyholders with useful tips as Storm Christoph starts to cause disruption

As parts of the UK start to see first signs of flooding as a result of Storm Christoph, Aviva are providing some useful tips to policyholders.  Customers are advised to check the flood risk and up to date weather conditions in their local area at using their postcode.

Customers can then use these tips to mitigate damage and minimize the disruption to their business.

1. Moving your most valuable items including vehicles, furniture, computers etc. (if possible) to a place where they will not be affected by any flood water.

  • consider what can you not do without? – not necessarily the most valuable in terms of cost, think about the most useful things you use day to day and sentimental items / photographs / documents etc.

2. Know where your insurance policy is, and the company contact numbers.

3. If you have measures to keep water out of your property – get these ready / make sure you know how to put them in place.

4. Move larger external loose items or weigh / tie them down.

5. Prepare a flood kit – consider a torch, warm and waterproof clothing, water, food, medication, mobile phone (fully charged), toys for children and pets, rubber gloves and wellingtons.

Furthermore, Aviva have provided links to their website where customers can benefit from further advice and assistance.

Aviva Website

Aviva Flood Loss Prevention document which can be downloaded and has lots of good advice on mitigating flood risks – including surface water.

Aviva Commercial Flood Guide

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