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London Marathon 2024

On Sunday 21st April 2024, our very own Christian Geuter ran the London Marathon and completed the 26.2 miles in just 4 hours and 4 minutes which is absolutely amazing!

In the run up to the big day, Christian and his wife signed up to the Sheffield Half Marathon just 2 weeks before the London Marathon as he saw this as a good chance to ‘warm up’.

Christian organised fundraising including a bake sale at the office to help raise money for the fantastic charity Shelter and we would like to thank everybody who donated as he managed to raise more than £2,000!

When he got back to sunny Sheffield, we caught up with him to find out how he was feeling on the day.

“The London Marathon – what an experience! The crowds were bellowing, the atmosphere electric and the weather was perfect! I realised fairly early on that I had vastly underestimated how much training you need to do to run 26 miles and my 40 minute lunch break runs didn’t really cut it. From mile 14 onwards, my legs and arms were cramping up, mile 18 onwards, terrible tummy ache, mile 20 feeling dizzy and sick, but I somehow managed to keep moving and dragged myself over the finish line in 4 hours 4 minutes.

I’m proud to say that those of us who ran for the homeless charity Shelter have raised a whopping £600,000 and counting!

The run was tough, but I had a finish line where I knew that it would all be over and I would soon be back home on the road to recovery. It’s sobering knowing that the money we raised isn’t just a temporary solution to temporary discomfort, but a permanent solution that will help men, women and children for the rest of their lives.”

For more information on the Shelter charity – click here

So, what’s next for Christian? With the Sheffield Half Marathon and the London Marathon done and dusted, he is now preparing for the Manchester Half Marathon in October!

If you are interested in following his running updates, you can follow him on Strava – click here 

Well done Christian, everyone at IFM is super proud of your achievements!