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Protect your business from storms

The storms in February caused major damage and disruption leaving thousands of homes and businesses across the UK without power. What’s more major rivers burst their banks in Yorkshire after Storm Franklin hit parts of the UK.

Climate change is clearly making the weather conditions even more extreme and unpredictable. High-speed winds can cause serious damage to property and wreak havoc with your business. That’s why it is important for business owners to be prepared to protect their premises against future stormy weather.

Commercial insurance polices will cover damage to premises and stock. Business interruption cover (which may be included or purchased separately) will cover additional trading costs, such as hiring temporary alternative trading premises if necessary.

However the risk of expensive, disruptive and distressing damage to your business can easily be reduced by taking a few simple steps now, before more stormy weather arrives. What’s more, taking some preventative measures will help ensure any insurance claim presented for damaged is paid promptly.

Protecting your business premises from high winds:

1. Keep a close eye on weather warnings, and follow advice from The Met Office, The Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Department for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland.
2. Check your roof regularly making sure you look out for missing slates or tiles and that everything is secure.
3. Clear your guttering and pipes and make sure they’re fixed securely. High winds can seriously damage guttering, so regular checks throughout the year are recommended.
4. Use sealant or draught-excluders on windows and doors. This will prevent the temperature in your premises from dropping.
5. Park your vehicles away from trees in a sheltered area.
6. Lock all your windows and doors. You might even consider protecting your windows and glass doors with plywood to protect them from flying debris.
7. Where possible, store items left outside that can easily be blown away and cause damage, like ladders, inside, or ensure they are secure.

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